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Building on their already established retail success, Carl & Johan has devised a new strategy for 2023 that includes expanding their presence on marketplaces. To achieve this goal, they have partnered with Meezy to help drive their growth and reach even greater heights.


How can we increase the AOV?
How can we increase the review rate?
How to work with a central systemplaces in different languages.


Key Metric

More sales than the previous year

Key Metric

Increase in their AOV

Key Metric

Revenue on one Marketplace
Delivered excellent results for Carl & Johan Tattoo Care. Smooth communication and prompt execution of their assignments.

Niels Windhey

Business Developer


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Step 1

Audit rapport
In order not to disappoint their distributors and tattoo shops, we had to be enormously careful about which marketplaces we offer the brand on.

Step 2

Ebook Creation
With every Carl & Johan order, consumers receive a free Ebook with tips & tricks. This to increase the conversion rate, up-sell other products and increase the review rate. Because let's face it, free is always a lot more fun.

Step 3

Listing Creation
The AOV rate had to be higher, this because their average cost of a product was 2495 therefore we put their best sellers in one bundle. The results? The AOV is now higher than €40.

Step 4

Implementing automated emails, establishing a central inventory system connecting Lightspeed and marketplaces, and creating a real-time data dashboard are essential components for running a successful business. At our Meezy, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all of these critical components are in place.

Step 5

To achieve a quick ROI and high ranking in search algorithms, it's crucial to allocate a sufficient ad budget in the initial stages of your campaign. Our team has conducted thorough keyword research and skillfully implemented the campaigns for optimal results.

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