We do the work. You get the results.

How much easier would life be if you had your own virtual matketplace manager listing your products, reacting to market conditions, A/B testing your campaigns, and presenting you with the findings?

You’ll still be the driver of the business and have the final say.

But with a skilled, experienced partner, the load gets lighter and your job gets easier.

Inventory forecasts

Customer service

VAT & TAX regulation

Competitor monitoring

Platform Management

Data monitoring

Quarterly reports

Platform Management

Your marketplace partner comes equipped with a custom dashboard with all your most important metrics available at a glance, 24/7.
See how you’re faring across every product you sell and every marketplace you’re in, broken down by country and advertising type.

These aren’t just vanity metrics, either: you’ll get live, actionable information about how to best steer your business and seize new opportunities.

Customer service

We know how vitally important customer service is to the livelihood of your business. That’s why we offer top quality support 24/7 so your customers get the help and answers they need, ensuring your business stays in good standing.

And just like everything else we do, we stay organized and learn as we work. All your contact logs are saved and analyzed for patterns, helping us identify the most frequent questions so we can improve your processes, fix problems and answer questions before they arise.

VAT & TAX regulation

The bigger and more international your company gets, the more VAT and TAX rules come into play.

We’ve successfully navigated these regulations across every nation in Europe and know how to ensure you pay the least required amount to the right governing bodies.

Your OSS declarations will be easy and streamlined and your tax season will be more stress-free than you ever thought possible.

Quarterly reports

You want to be aware of the emerging opportunities and threats to your business. This is how we’ll do it.

During our quarterly meetings, you’ll get comprehensive stats presented through your personal dashboard with insights on your current trajectory along with clear strategies for boosting conversion rates and beating the competition.

This live meeting also includes a market and economy analysis with high-level recommendations for navigating the ever-shifting sands of online business.

Let’s get GROWING.

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