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Foundational research

Before we get down to business, we want to get a grip of the environment in which we’ll be selling. Who are your competitors? What are their weaknesses? What are your audience’s expectations and triggers, and how can we optimize exposure to them? We gather data like this to create a list of opportunities and use it as a guide to penetrate the market(place).

Account creation

Creating a marketplace account can be a daunting task if not done correctly right away, often resulting in a lot of back and forth communication. We know which specific paperwork are best to gain access to every marketplace and are just one click away of reaching the registration pages.

Tech setup

Manual work? nobody likes that! Need integration with your ERP, PIM or accounting package? We make sure that the product content, reviews, data collection all happen on autopilot.

Brand protection

You’ve worked hard to build your brand on all these marketplaces and all of a sudden you’re hit with hundreds of copycats, fake reviews, and other issues. We make sure your brand is safe on all marketplaces


All your orders from all European marketplaces are nicely gathered in one place directly from our/your backend to the fullfilment center

Marketplace integrations

Via an integrator platform we link all your product data with APIs so that the correct translation and product data can be found on every marketplace.

Google data studio

When you work with so many marketplaces it is often difficult to keep an overview - all your KPIs are easily found in one dashboard


Product title & descriptions

It’s more than just stuffing more keywords than the next guy. We consider keyword search volume, purchase intent/keyword correlation, and keyword competition in weighing how to not just attract visitors, but attract the right visitors. There’s a highly human component as well. We carefully craft titles and descriptions that engage with people while informing and persuading them, hitting the psychological triggers that compel them to buy.

Amazon A+ content

Our extensive experience in developing A+ content will assist you in attracting, informing, and selling with clarity and intention.

Listing image design

Trust our team to create visuals that draw attention and communicate the features of the product at hand. Pictures speak louder than words, and we understand how to utilize the angle, composition and background of an image in order to communicate value.

Amazon storefront

The storefront is one of Amazon’s initiatives that allow registered brands to design their own catalog page in the Amazon platform. We use this opportunity to reflect the essence of your brand by bringing forth a visual story to build trust and connection with your audience and show them all you have to offer.

Product rendering

We use 3D model rendering to create pixel-perfect visual models for your images, giving potential buyers a photorealistic taste of your product. Additionally, we can create a 3D model in augmented reality, allowing customers to virtually place your product in their own living rooms, getting them one step closer to purchasing.

Video creation

Including video can boost conversions by 20 percent – it’s an easy conversion booster you shouldn’t ignore. From 3D renders to lifestyle videos to example tutorials,we’re highly experienced in creating videos that ramp up interest and inform audiences.

Listing translation

Europe is a melting pot of languages. Leave the translations to us to help your products appear with perfect grammar and spelling, no matter what language your visitors speak.


Review strategy implementation

Ever seen products on Amazon with +50K reviews? This doesn't happen by chance. Once we have the HTML emails designed, written and translated, they must be correctly linked to the product and the marketplace with each order. Because did you know that you can only send emails if an invoice is attached? Well, we generate these automatically.

In-platform PPC campaign set-up

You can't just advertise in Google, Facebook or Instagram - on some marketplaces you can also set up campaigns to further boost your results.

Content A/B testing

To know exactly what performs best we do multiple A/B tests per quarter to rank higher on the marketplace and get the best results.

Advertising campaign optimization

Analyzing your CAC, ACOS and other KPIs and adjusting and optimizing them - a piece of cake

Affiliate ecosystem

Since we have been selling for several years on marketplace we have affiliate partners that send traffic to your products for a %, always a nice touch, right?

Sustainability badges

As a sustainable brand you push this forward, some marketplaces reward brands with badges and special landing pages - We make sure you can legitimately show it off

Content distribution

Selling on more than 30 marketplaces requires a huge combination of multiple softwares linking the right data, no problem we get this done so your content is perfect on each marketplace


Inventory forecasts

From New Year’s Eve to Prime Day, you should be aware that the date, season and even day of the week have impacts on shipping. We use predictive software to ensure you always have enough stock, no matter what time of year it is.

Customer Service

Trust us for top-quality service that truly helps customers in a timely, friendly, and efficient manner. All call logs are also saved into a database and analyzed for patterns so you can understand recurring problems and fix the problem for future customers before it arises.

VAT & TAX regulation

Your sales and tax obligations evolve as your revenue grows over time– and most business owners don’t closely track the changes. We’ll make sure you’re legally compliant and don’t raise any red flags with European governments.

Competitor monitoring

If a competitor changes their delivery time, title, or strategy, we’ll get a notification about it. We have to keep a finger on the pulse of the competition so we can beat them in the sales arena.

Platform management

From cross-channel data coverage to delivery time estimates to sales and promotions… we make sure your information, listings and store have clean operations and steady sales.

Data monitoring

By leveraging Google Data Studio, we compile the data from every market you operate on and adjust accordingly to maximize sales.

Quarterly reports

Get a comprehensive live report every quarter during a meeting where we’ll break down our strengths, weaknesses,opportunities, and future strategies.

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