CDON was launched in 1999 and in 2013 they started allowing external merchants to sell on their platform. CDON is the best-known e-commerce brand in Sweden with almost 600 thousand followers on Facebook and over 100 million visitors each year. They also have a reported brand-recognition of 88% among the Nordic population. CDON is listed on Nasdaq First North.

With CDON you can reach up to 2 million customers in the Nordics, they have over 20 years of experience in the Nordic e-commerce scene with a focus on marketplace sales making. The CDON Marketplace is the perfect platform to increase your sales in the Nordics.

The Nordic Ecommerce market

As of 2020, Sweden boasts a 98% internet penetration rate, ranking as the third highest globally. At around £7.96 billion, their B2C e-commerce market is the largest of all the Nordic countries – The GMV of sweden is double the size of Denmark, the next biggest. Sweden also have the highest percentage of consumers who purchase goods online of all their Nordic neighbours. Despite this, they have the lowest share of consumers who purchased products from outside Scandinavia in 2019. This indicates that Sweden’s strong domestic market provides enough choice to satisfy most customers.

The CDON marketplace in numbers

  • In 2021, CDON had over 2 million active customers
  • CDON has 1600 active merchants
  • It offers over 12 million products
  • Cdon operates in 4 countries ( Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark)
  • The GMV in 2021 was €1777.3 M
  • They have about 2.2 million email subscribers

You can find the full CDON press release here.

The growth potential of the CDON marketplace

CDON's goal and strategy is to continue to strengthen its position asthe Nordic region's leading local marketplace for merchants. By increasing thenumber of merchants and the range of goods and services this will improve theconsumer experience on the platform. CDON will continue with its Retail salesbut only within the media product category (where CDON is the leading retailerin Sweden). CDON will also continue to invest in technology and its newplatform CDON Connect. These investments aim at improving the e-commerceexperience for consumers and merchants on CDON Marketplace, but also toenable the company to launch new merchant services and add new revenuestreams ahead. Our reaction to the press release is therefore clear, better to start now before it is too late.

How to create a vendor account on CDON

The first step of selling on CDON requires you to create a seller account. To get one, apply here. Sellers with a valid European VAT number are eligible to apply for selling at CDON.

You will be asked to provide specific documents throughout the registration process, such as a company representative’s ID card, a business registration details, and proof of beneficial ownership. Depending on your business category, you might need to provide additional information.

CDON must authenticate your seller account before you may become a fully functional seller. If you correctly filled out the registration form, the procedure should run smoothly and take between 5 and 14 business days.

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Seller fees and commission rates on CDON

CDON commission is set by a key account manager before you sign the agreement with them. CDON also has a fixed fee for each order which is between 0.10 - 1 euro. Offering its customers 12 million products of all kinds goods, it earns itself mainly through commission fees and a monthly subscription of €30.

As an Ecommerce brand, why sell on CDON?

CDON makes business sales a lot more interesting. Offering your products for sale via such a large marketplace brings several advantages. Below we name a few:

  • Rapid expansion to the whole Nordic

Regardless of which country you are based in, you can start selling throughout the entire Nordic region which is currently in full growth.

  • Your products undoubtedly fit within the categories

Some marketplaces mainly operate within a certain niche. This can be extremely beneficial, but as a result, certain products are often left out of the equation. With the CDON marketplace, that will not be a problem. The product range is so large within all the different categories; you are certainly not an odd one out.

  • Dedicated account manager

Throughout the collaboration with CDON, you will have a dedicated account manager who will accompany you and provide you with recommendations in ways in which you can increase your online business with CDON.

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