Kaufland.de (formerly known as Real.de) but they rebranded in april 2021. It is the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany. They are originally a retailer and are focusing more and more on their marketplace model. In 2021 they invested €375million to conquer the Romanian Ecommerce market. Their wide online product range entails 25 million products in more than 5,000 different categories, which makes it an interesting marketplace for many online sellers.

Kaufland.de is part of the Schwarz Group end of 2020, a multinational retail group that also includes Lidl. This group exploits over 12,000 stores worldwide with a revenue of more than 100 billion euros. The Schwarz Group is working actively to increase their presence in online retail, as also demonstrated by their wish to include more and more external sellers.

The German ecommerce market

With a massive $99 billion flowing through the German ecommerce market last year, making it the fifth-largest worldwide, Germany accounts for 25% of the European ecommerce market turnover. Taking into account that 95% of the 83.2 million people living in Germany have shopped online within the last year, it is no surprise at all that major brands and retailers are looking to engage them through digital marketplaces.

The Kaufland marketplace in numbers

  • On all their marketplaces combined, they have approx 35million monthly visitors
  • In 2020, Kaufland.de had a GMV of €993.6million
  • Up to about 7000 marketplace merchants
  • Present in 8 countries across the globe
  • Up to over 25 Million Products in all categories

The growth potential of the Kaufland marketplace

Kaufland.de is a fast-growing sales channel. Its GMV has been skyrocketing and has grown by +92% on average over the last five years. To picture the scale, imagine that within the same period German e-commerce had grown “only” by +13%. The difference is massive and means that Kaufland.de grows 7 times faster than the domestic industry as a whole. Kaufland has set their sights on Romania which as can be seen does make for a successful operation.

How to create a vendor account

The first step of selling on Kaufland requires you to create a seller account. To get one, apply here. Sellers with a valid European VAT number are eligible to apply for selling at Kaufland.de.

You will be asked to provide specific documents throughout the registration process, such as a company representative’s ID card, a business registration details, and proof of beneficial ownership. Depending on your business category, you might need to provide additional information.

Kaufland.de must authenticate your seller account before you may become a fully functional seller. If you correctly filled out the registration form, the procedure should run smoothly and take between one and three business days.

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Seller fees and commission rates on Kaufland

Kaufland applies varying commission rates depending on sales and financial policy. Kaufland determines different rates depending on the category of the product. Offering its customers 25 million products of all kinds, it earns itself mainly through commission fees and a monthly subscription of €39.95. You can also link your online store to your Kaufland.de seller account for an extra €9.95 per month.

You can find all the Kaufland commissions rates through this link.

As an Ecommerce brand, why sell on Kaufland?

Kaufland makes business sales a lot more interesting. Offering your products for sale via such a large marketplace brings several advantages. Below we name a few:

  • High brand awareness

Kaufland has a total of 1300 shops in 8 different countries. These include Germany, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Moldova. Many consumers are therefore familiar with Kaufland which will of course boost the marketplace sales.

  • Your products undoubtedly fit within the categories

Some marketplaces mainly operate within a certain niche. This can be extremely beneficial, but as a result, certain products are often left out of the equation. With the Kaufland marketplace, that will not be a problem. The product range is so large within all the different categories; you are certainly not an odd one out.

  • Personal merchant support

Are there any questions you have? Kaufland offers a dedicated account manager so you have a fixed point of contact and don't have to call customer service all the time. At the same time you get a Kaufland business partner portal, where you get access to all data relevant to grow your Kaufland shop. This portal performs business processes within the Kaufland marketplace which made it even easier, more transparent and above all, more efficient.

Selling successfully on marketplaces?

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