You deal with plenty of challenges as an ecommerce business owner. Writing catchy product descriptions, maintaining your social media presence, moving your team in the right direction and all the other strugles you experience as a founder

But, there’s likely one big challenge that tops your list: making sales.

Like any other business owner, you want to get your products into the hands of more happy customers. Yet, with more than 100 marketplaces and anywhere between 12 and 24 million companies selling their products on Amazon for example, competition is stiff for ecommerce businesses.

How can you grow your business and close more sales? It starts with multi-channel selling.

What is multi-channel selling?

A multi-channel strategy means that you use multiple channels to communicate, market, and sell to your customers. It makes your products accessible to potential customers across a variety of platforms and devices.

For example, perhaps your business sells shampoo bars that feature a cool shape and nice smelling products. Your shampoo bars are available on:

  • Your own ecommerce website
  • Marketplaces
  • Retail stores

That’s multi-channel selling, as there’s more than one place where customers can find and purchase your products. A good way to market your brand is through European marketplaces so you immediately have a large reach without making a large investment

5 benefits of selling on different European marketplaces

1. You’ll reach a much bigger audience.

Believe it or not, shoppers have the same kinds of preferences that many sellers do. There are hundreds of millions of online shoppers in Europe alone, but if you’re only selling on one platform or marketplace, there’s a good chance that many of them will never see your products—simply because they never happen to visit the one place where you sell.

Want to reach more shoppers? The first step is to meet the shoppers where they are at — and there are millions of marketplace-only shoppers.

To reach all of them? Your best bet is to sell on as many marketplaces as possible.

2. You’ll increase your chances of making a sale.

Since each of the marketplaces—and your own website—have a different look, a different feel, and different rules, you’ll present each of your products to shoppers in several different ways.

This is useful because there are also millions of shoppers that comparison-shop before making a purchase across Kaufland, Amazon, Cdiscount and Naduvi and using Google as well.

Selling on different marketplaces and your own website means that you’ll get to pitch each of these shoppers in three different ways—and still close the deal. Even if the first presentation of your products doesn’t resonate, you may get them to buy on the second, or on the third.

However you slice and dice it, you want your products to be in front of a wandering shopper at each place they visit while they comparison shop, and to do that you’ve got to sell in multiple places.

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3. It gives your products more credibility.

These days, shoppers expect major brands to be available through just about any buying venue. If your brand and your products appear on every marketplace a shopper visits, they’re more likely to presume your products and your business to be “established” and trustworthy.

If your products only appear on a single marketplaces, that can be a red flag to shoppers—an indication that either you or your products aren’t mature enough to make much market availability or presentation.

4. Boots on the ground on all over Europe

Trying to sell abroad can be a mission impossible as shipping costs may double the product price. However, we at Meezy offer more affordable shipping costs, which makes sellers more competitive. Another important factor when internationalizing is the language barrier. With the marketplaces there is no problem, because usually treated multi-language platforms also offer customer support in native language or at least in English. On the other hand, costs are reduced, since the investment and effort necessary to achieve those markets is titanic in terms of time and resources.

5. Simply because it’s easy!

Some sellers don’t use multiple platforms or marketplaces to sell their products simply because they think it will be more problem-prone or complicated than handling the sales on one online market.

We can help you make your job much easier by letting you monitor all the online marketplaces you choose to sell your product on together in one place. This helps you to reduce the amount of time and effort you spent on your business.

The Time is Now

If you’ve been considering multi-channel selling for years but still haven’t taken the plunge, take a look again. Meezy make it easier than ever before to sell on several marketplaces without needing superhuman time management skills, and you have nothing to lose and millions of new shoppers to gain.

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