Dingbats*: the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon for notebooks

Due to their tremendous success on Amazon, the founders of Dingbats* set their sights on a European marketplace expansion.
To make this happen, they have chosen Meezy as their marketplace partner.
Dingbats* sells notebooks,
backpacks and pens.
The Co-founder of Dingbats* has
been featured in
Forbes 30 under 30.
writing paper.
100% vegan,
non-animal based
FCS® certified paper.
2% of UK revenue
donated to WWF-UK


Strategy & implementation

Identifying and publishing listings on all compatible marketplaces.

Generating visibility

Creating optimized titles in multiple languages that generate traffic.


Creating a custom infrastructure for receiving marketplace orders with their own fulfillment partner.


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Step 1

A custom strategy to conquer the marketplace landscape
Which marketplaces support the categories in which Dingbats operates?
Which competitors are prominent in the current marketplace landscape and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Once we identified these, we conducted a multilingual keyword research to find the best way to penetrate the market and lay the foundation for long-term growth.

Step 2

Create content that generates traffic
Using the results of our keyword research, we created titles and descriptions in multiple languages.

For the titles, we used a combination of high-volume, short- and long-tail keywords, along with some of the products' key USPs.

To fit the requirements and normalities of each marketplace, we created three version of each title that differs in length.

Step 3

Combine our automated infrastructure with Dingbats' existing infrastructure
Because Dingbats is using Amazon FBA to fulfill their orders, we connected our systems to Dingbats’ Amazon accounts, so they receive their marketplace orders, send the tracking information back to the marketplaces, and synchronize inventory levels automatically.

Step 4

With the foundation layed, and all preparation steps out of the way, it was now time to get to the implementation
We made sure that all provided data enters the marketplace and manually fill out all remaining required fields to optimize for visibility.

We sent batches of test data to the marketplaces to check the formatting and iterate until the listing is at its most presentable.

Step 5

The moment we’ve all waited (and worked) for: launch!
Within a matter of weeks, the Dingbats assortment is now available on over 20 marketplaces throughout Europe!

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Trajectory of the client


To be continued...


Where Dingbats' products are available


During the first 6 months after launch


During the first 6 months after launch
“Meezy has made the process of launching on every European platform so easy and centralised that we just wished we started working together years ago. We are now fingertips away from every shopper’s preferable marketplace.”
Mohamad Bekdache
Co-founder Dingbats*

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