"Fitbit Motivation. Google Innovation”

How can we highlight the new product launch and make the launch on Amazon successful, that's what Meezy has been working on.
Designed to keep you close to your goals, boost your motivation and show your progress on your health and fitness journey.
Level up your fitness routine Access a full library of workouts led by Fitbit’s expert trainers. Use your Daily Readiness Score to optimize your routine.


Write optimized titles and product descriptions
Create relevant designs that captures the essence of the brand
Increase the AOV on the Amazon Platform

Amazon storefront

In developing this Amazon storefront, our emphasis was on intuitive layout and easy access.

We aimed to forge a seamless browsing journey, enabling users to effortlessly locate their desired items and transition between pages.

To bring this vision to life, we adopted a modular design strategy, organizing content into clearly defined, sections.

The outcome is a streamlined and orderly Amazon storefront that delights users. Whether you're in search of a particular item, seeking details about the company, or just exploring what's available, you'll find navigating and completing your activities swift and simple.

The strategic use of distinct modules plays a crucial role in reducing confusion and enhancing the overall shopping journey, rendering it both more pleasurable and productive for all.

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