Influencers are a good way for growing your marketplace account. By utilizing influencer marketing, you as a marketplace seller can tap into the influencer’s already established communities and online platforms so you can make money and sell products!

We at Meezy will share 5 tips for how influencer marketing can grow your marketplace business

For many of these tips, you’ll most likely be working with a micro-influencer, someone who may not have a lot of following but is niche to your product, fits your customer demographic, has a beautiful page and is active on the platform. Using a micro-influencer will give you great bang for your buck and will help you reach a wider audience.

Here are Meezy’s top 5 tips for using influencer marketing to grow your marketplace business:

Tip #1: Send influencers your products

If you’re new, especially, now’s not the time to invest in having an influencer write a post to promote your product. Instead, send them a free sample of your product in exchange for some photos. Then you share those pictures on your social media and that you’ll make sure to tag them in your posts. This isn’t a lot of work for the influencer or you but will get huge gains.

Tip #2: Have influencers participate in a contest or a giveaway

Another way to use influencers to market your products is to have the influencer participate in some sort of giveaway or contest. This could also be a series of posts so it’s more than just a single post on social media and more themed content. The influencer will get more followers and you will be able to reach a new set of potential customers.

Tip #3: Attach your marketplace brand page to the influencer’s posts

Ask the influencers you’re working with to attach your marketplace page via their Facebook or Instagram account. This way you can use the influencer’s post as a boost or promotional ad to take potential customers to your landing page. Influencers will provide you their social media account so you can do this.

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Tip #4: Write ads for influencer to post

You can write ads or the content for a post for the influencer’s page. The influencer will approve the content you’ve written and then post it on their accounts. You will have to compensate the influencer for agreeing to do this, somewhere between €500 and €1,000 is what we typically spend, and now you’re generating leads via an influencer with your own ad spend. This is a great way to utilize influencer marketing using your current budget.

Tip #5: Search hashtags and locations for influencer marketing

Since you are most likely going to be using a micro-influencer, someone who is really just an Instagram or Facebook user with a beautiful feed that fits your demographic, you can find them by searching hashtags and locations.

Small influencers can have big results

When it comes to getting your marketplace products in front of the right audience to grow your sales, keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot to work with an influencer as long as you do your research and spend strategically.

Influencers with only a few thousand followers are affordable to work with and can have a massive impact. In fact, 82% of people who receive a recommendation from a micro-influencer are highly likely to take that recommendation and actually make a purchase, according to Jonah Berger, bestselling author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”

So choose your influencers carefully, paying more attention to who they’re reaching instead of simply how many people they could reach to ensure your products are getting in front of the right people: the ones most likely to make a purchase from your marketplace store.