Will the Metaverse evolve as the biggest virtual marketplace, the largest business epicenter, and the coolest entertainment hub in another ten to twenty years timeframe?

We believe so. Want to know why? let’s find out.

If we look back in time, especially in the technological world, innovation and adoption skyrocket when the concept has all the ingredients to reach the masses. And believe us, the Metaverse has all those ingredients. Together with other ingredients like decentralized currencies based on the blockchain, community ownership, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Web3.0, AI, and virtual/augmented/mixed reality that make it more diverse and practical, a virtual business world can take tangible shape.

Big brands don't sleep on it

The immediate opportunities that have already started happening in the metaverse are major events, concerts, and fashion shows that take place in the metaverse and are watched by millions of viewers through immersive experiences. The entertainment and fashion industries has already recognized the importance of such platforms and are investing heavily in placing their products and promoting their brands in the metaverse. Fashion brands like Nike, Balenciaga, Gucci and even FMCG brands like Coco-Cola are already ahead in the game. Another area that's already trending is buying and selling of digital assets and products, and this is an emerging market in the Metaverse. This brings to the table a unique concept that will revolutionize digital business: called"Digital-Only" products or assets.

The data does not lie

In recent months, the number of users of the Metaverse has grown rapidly. According to Forkast, Decentraland, one of the most popular metaverses, has around 300,000 active users per month, while The Sandbox has around one million active users. So far, these big players in the metaverse are mainly gaming platforms, but that doesn't mean things aren't moving fast.


With the astronomical growth you see above and the expansion of the metaverse comes plenty of opportunities for all businesses to get involved early. However, a big question surrounding the uncertainty is: Should start & scale ups embrace the metaverse marketplace?

According to the experts, there are three main opportunities that the metaverse presents to small businesses:

  1. Scaling a business and finding new customers
  2. Branding and Marketing
  3. Monetizing intellectual property and virtual goods

Here's why you might want to look into the metaverse for your long-term business plan:


How we prepare your brand for selling in the Metaverse

As companies continue to invest in new technology and innovate, they need to prepare for metaverse marketing and the challenges that come with it.

Brands will need to make changes internally and focus on the operations of managing this new platform. This means they’ll have to adopt new tools and processes for creating 3D models & renders of your “digital products”. That's why, at Meezy, we don't take traditional product photos but rather create 3D renders and models of all your products to make sure you’re halfway ready to sell in the Metaverse once it’s properly immersed. Besides, the conversion rate with photorealistic 3D renders is higher than standard product photos on today's marketplaces like Amazon, Kaufland, Cdiscount or Bol.com.

So, here's my message to businesses that are still trying to wrap their heads around the metaverse marketplace and the future: no matter what the metaverse marketplace ends up looking like, 3D modeling will be the first step for any brand to take the leap.

Wondering how we 3D render your products and what the exact cost is? Feel free to schedule a free consultation with us.⬇️