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We believe that innovation in our society is mainly created by companies. Every company that now creates a big impact, once started small.

They started with nothing more than an idea and a vision of changing the world.

Before they had a chance to make the impact they longed for, they had to stand against large competitors, who were often superior in terms of resources.

At Meezy, we want to be the partner that believes and supports you in your vision.

We use our years long experience and knowledge of marketplaces and e-commerce to help challenger brands stand tall against the goliath-like companies of this world by providing access to a European audience.

Company overview

We’re a team of marketplace veterans who have found success selling everything under the sun. Though every product has different features and applies to different audiences, the psychology and technology of selling is consistent – and with dozens of success stories under our belts, we’re proud to say we’ve found a step-by-step system that works.

The founders

Ten years ago, a pair of young entrepreneurs began their journey. Tijl & Pavlos: best friends who love all that has to do with e-commerce. Being in the industry for many years, leveraging marketplace algorithms, we know what drives consumers and how to deliver great results.

Over the years, we’ve learned from the harshest teacher out there: experience. But what started as a fledgling endeavor selling on just one marketplace, has now led us to create a 6-figure marketplace behemoth across 27 marketplaces.

A hard-won recipe for success

After working with brands big and small and finding consistent strategies for sales that worked across every level, we realized we could apply our expertise to any brand who needed us. We started applying our tactics to brands all over Europe and quickly discovered that both small and large brands are missing huge opportunities in this fast-growing market.

Partner with a winning team – risk free!

We've got a mix of creativity, business insight, a ton of marketplace knowledge, and private investors to back us up. The result? We know what it takes to scale your brand in Europe and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. We work with a risk-free business model, so that when we win, we win as a team.
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Meet the Meezy team

With an experience as business developer roles and a micro degree international start up, Pavlos is responsible for onboarding and guiding clients and all other challenges as a founder.
Tijl is the driving force behind automations, smooth work processes and optimization and a robust practitioner in the marketplace world
Project Director
Ferre ensures that all projects run smoothly and provides effective MP strategies. With his experience as an account manager at multiple scale-ups, he brings valuable expertise to the table.
Art Director
Before starting at Meezy, Mazen worked as an Art Director at a reputable 115-person agency. With over a decade of experience as a Senior Graphic Designer, he brought a wealth of expertise to the design team.
Senior graphic designer
Israa is a design talent who creates all- content for our esteemed clients, including wireframes, listings design, and A+ content. She is always willing to go above and beyond for our clients, and her exceptional work ethic knows no bounds.
Head of Copywriting
Bringing his 7 years expertise in the creative field on board, Adam is the latest family member to join Meezy! Every word he writes is fueled by sparks of imagination.
Content Creator
Aishwary is a skilled strategist with a talent for executing effective content marketing and digital campaigns. Their keen sense of tone of voice is evident in all their work."
Business Developer
Bert plays a crucial role in ensuring that our pipeline remains robust with a diverse range of retailers, startups, and scale-ups who are eager to sell their products on various marketplaces across Europe.
3D rendering & video creator
Christian has been involved in photography and video since he could hold a camera. He is ready for anything that has to do with 3D rendering and videos.
Head of Sales
Lennert is the go-to person when it comes to marketplaces. He is responsible for devising internal strategies, organizing trade shows, and hosting our podcast. If you have any inquiries regarding marketplaces, Lennert is the expert you should approach.
Head of Integration
Donna's daily focus is on automating and accurately posting on marketplaces. How can we streamline these processes to achieve this goal? This is where Donna is good in.
Account manager
Making sure everything runs smoothly on all your marketplace accounts, is what Basiel is passionate about.

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