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We believe innovation springs from small beginnings. Every impactful company started with just an idea and a vision.

At Meezy, we're here to champion your vision.

Leveraging our extensive experience in marketplaces and e-commerce, we empower challenger brands to compete against industry giants, granting access to a European audience.

Company overview

We’re a team of marketplace veterans who have found success selling everything under the sun. Though every product has different features and applies to different audiences, the psychology and technology of selling is consistent – and with dozens of success stories under our belts, we’re proud to say we’ve found a step-by-step system that works.

The founders

Ten years ago, a pair of young entrepreneurs began their journey. Tijl & Pavlos: best friends who love all that has to do with e-commerce. Being in the industry for many years, leveraging marketplace algorithms, we know what drives consumers and how to deliver great results.

Over the years, we’ve learned from the harshest teacher out there: experience. But what started as a fledgling endeavor selling on just one marketplace, has now led us to create a 6-figure marketplace behemoth across 27 marketplaces.

A hard-won recipe for success

After working with brands big and small and finding consistent strategies for sales that worked across every level, we realized we could apply our expertise to any brand who needed us. We started applying our tactics to brands all over Europe and quickly discovered that both small and large brands are missing huge opportunities in this fast-growing market.

Partner with a winning team – risk free!

We've got a mix of creativity, business insight, a ton of marketplace knowledge, and private investors to back us up. The result? We know what it takes to scale your brand in Europe and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. We work with a risk-free business model, so that when we win, we win as a team.
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Meet the Meezy team

Co-founder & CEO
Over the next 8 years, Pavlos launched multiple E-commerce brands. Some experienced significant setbacks, others performed adequately, and successfully sold one of the brands to an Amazon aggregator in 2021.
Co-founder & COO
Tijl is the driving force behind automations, streamlining work processes, and optimization. He is a proficient practitioner in the realm of marketplace operations.
Group Account Director
Walaa serves as the Group Account Director, ensuring meticulous management of all internal operations, schedules, and the effective training of new team members.
Head of Sales
Lennert serves as our Head of Sales, ensuring that our pipeline is brimming with the latest and most revolutionary E-commerce brands of the moment.
Art Director
Israa is a design talent who creates all- content for our esteemed clients, including wireframes, listings design, and A+ content. She is always willing to go above and beyond for our clients, and her exceptional work ethic knows no bounds.
Head of Copywriting
Bringing his 7 years of expertise in the creative field on board, he has previously worked with brands such as Uber, Red Bull, and Volkswagen. A true mastermind when it comes to copy.
Senior Account Manager
Rawan is responsible for ensuring that everything is recorded in the correct and clear manner in the right place and is a true queen in customer contact.
Senior Integration
Hady ensures that all customer products are accurately listed on marketplaces. Perfecting data mapping and data sheets is a daily task for Andrew.
Senior Integration
Andrew ensures that all customer products are accurately listed on marketplaces. Perfecting data mapping and data sheets is a daily task for Andrew.
Art Director
Mazen is our Art Director, responsible for consistently setting the tone for internal marketing and direction across all listings, A+ content, and Amazon storefronts. In essence, he is a genuine design talent.
Account manager
Basiel is deeply passionate about ensuring seamless operations across all your marketplace accounts.
Senior Account Manager
Marc is responsible for all clients in Belgium and the Netherlands. With two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree, he is the most structured Account Manager.
Business Developer
Bert plays a crucial role in ensuring that our pipeline remains robust with a diverse range of retailers, startups, and scale-ups who are eager to sell their products on various marketplaces across Europe.
3D rendering & video creator
Christian has been involved in photography and video since he could hold a camera. He is ready for anything that has to do with 3D rendering and videos.
Graphic Designer
Masry is working on listings, implementing multiple products, and translations. A true expert in the field, he goes above and beyond to ensure that everything is completed within the deadline.
Junior Graphic Designer
Hakeem takes responsibility for ensuring the implementation of all translations within the listing designs, ensuring that each language adaptation is seamlessly integrated and properly presented.
Account manager
Ferre works on the USA and UK accounts, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in terms of import and operations, both logistically and as an account manager.

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