A challenger brand in Natural Cosmetics
The founders of Doap were seasoned marketplace experts, having successfully launched several brands across various marketplaces. When they embarked on a new launch, they sought the support of Meezy as a strategic partner.


Heavy competition
The competition is tough, together we looked for a strategy to make a difference.
The retail price is €6 so cheap shipping was a must.
Premium Content
From packaging, to listings design. Everything from design the Meezy team has created

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In the first 2 weeks after launch


After 2 monts after the launch


By bundles, people buy an average of 3 Doap bars

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Step 1

Launch Strategy
In collaboration with the Doap Founders, we meticulously crafted a robust launch strategy by analyzing data and identifying the key selling points to ensure the successful introduction of the product."

Step 2

Content Design
To enhance the listing's appeal to the premium Gen Z market, Doap aimed for a specific vibe. Through 3D rendering and editing of the settings, we were able to achieve this goal. A consistent scent was incorporated into each design to maintain the desired atmosphere

Step 3

Due to Doap's MSRP of €5.95, we recognize the importance of providing an affordable shipping option across Europe. Leveraging our extensive logistics network and customer base, we were able to significantly reduce shipping costs, allowing our customers to enter the market with healthy profit margins.

Step 4

Omni channel
Doap recognized the importance of not simply selling on any marketplace, but instead taking a targeted approach to the marketplaces we chose to offer our products. After careful consideration, we selected just seven marketplaces to focus on, setting them up strategically to maximize our impact.

Step 5

Data Dashboard
Having all key performance indicators (KPIs) in one central dashboard is crucial for effective monitoring. To ensure this, we have developed a personalized dashboard that allows for a clear and comprehensive overview of all relevant KPIs.

Trajectory of the client

Content Translation


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